LED Warehouse Lighting-LED High Bay

Warehouses and logistics centres are often very large. They are very high for an efficient use of the space. There’re row after row of tall storage racks and packing areas and loading/unloading bays contained,so the lighting must be adapted to the height and how the surfaces are used. A distribution centre may have a higher usage rate than the storage areas in a production industry.

The higher warehouse racks, the more light is required to reach all the way down the aisle. As for warehouse that spaces used continuously,it requires little perception of details, shall be illuminated to 200 lux. Manned aisles must have at least 150 lux at floor level. In an aisle not used continuously it is enough with 100 lux at floor level. In terms of vertical illumination is 50 lux the minimum requirement but you should aim for at least half the level of the horizontal value.

Often warehouses are planned as a large area, but also a warehouse has workplaces where people work in front of a terminal, pack goods on a bench or handle shipping documents. Plan for a little extra light here and (the) staff have a much better chance of doing a good job. Here it is considered a workplace for continuous work and 500 lux is desirable.

It may not be necessary to illuminate the entire warehouse all of the time. Lighting controls are becoming a regular component of aisle and storage areas lighting schemes. If there is no one in an aisle, then the lighting automatically dims to a lower level, reducing energy spend, then dims up when the fork lift operator enters.

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