What is the difference between motion sensor or PIR sensor?

The first difference is the Cost.With the development of technology today, the cost of microwave detection has been close to the infrared detection, and even cheaper in some cases.

The second is flexibility.For installation,as we all know,PIR infrared detectors cannot be installed outdoors,where there’re much dust,sunlight,ultraviolet rays,which will influence lifespan and performance.What’s more,infrared detects the human body by relying on the near-infrared rays generated by the heat emitted by the human body. If the ambient temperature is higher than that of the human body, its sensitivity will become lower and lower, and eventually it will lose its detection ability. For microwaves, the ambient temperature has little effect on it.

For microwaves, accurate detection results can be obtained whether it is moving in the tangential direction or moving in the distance direction.But the accurate detction of PIR infrared detector in distance direction is poor.

At present, some industrial-grade infrared sensors are also doing a good job in terms of detection distance, which can reach 15 meters, and even some high-end infrared sensors can reach 30 meters. For microwave detection, the detection distance has advantages, and it can easily achieve 30 meters or even 50 meters, but it is more difficult to control it at 2 meters or 3 meters.

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